Recipes From My Classmates

Recently I have been checking out the blogs of some of my University of Florida classmates and am truly impressed with their creativity and range of interests and expertise. Its also fun when you find out you have things in common with people you don’t know or have only met briefly.  Take food for example.


Alexa Padillas blog Healthy and Tasty Gainesville is all about… you guessed it, foods that are good and good for you. Right up my alley! She makes a lot of her recipes from scratch and posts great step by step instructions with photos for those of us who are kitchen challenged (me). I tried out her Classic Turkey Chili on Halloween and it was a hit with everyone!


Auriel Rolle-Polk is a UF foodie as well and her blog Foodies are Us features some awesome seasonal fall recipes. She talks about the importance of Good Eats and has great links to some other healthy food blogs.


For those of us who sometimes like to indulge (hey, everyone deserves a treat especially during the holidays!) Check out the slutty brownies featured on Stephanie Jones’s blog, ______ Days Until the End of the World. She talks about things she is thankful for because according the Mayan calender, the world is ending next month. Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen. But in the event that its true, please make and eat these insane brownies before your life ends.