More Blog Love- Hobbies

While stalking my classmate’s blogs today I also found some really entertaining ones that I am particularly interested in. Two of my favorite hobbies are traveling and following television shows. I do a lot more researching and thinking about traveling than actual globe-trotting (poor college girl, remember?) so Lysette Portales‘s blog Are We There Yet?! is perfect for daydreamers like me. I have never been to London but consider myself an Anglophile thanks to Harry Potter and the Royal Family, so I loved reading her post about the London Eye. I am however planning a European backpacking trip for after my graduation. Ashley Stout‘s blog Words of my Wanderlust had a great post all about traveling on a budget. This is will be so helpful in my planning!

I love following television series. Its amazing to me how millions of people can fall in love with characters and plot-lines and become so involved in the lives of people who don’t even exist! Its truly an art-form in my eyes. I especially love comedies so Katerina Sardi‘s blog The TV Devotee is one of my favorites. She posts about some of my favorite shows including The Office, Community and Parks and Recreation.  Very funny stuff!


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