My Daily Frat Lap

Hi everyone!

So today I ran out of time to do the intense work out I had planned so I had to revert back to my trusty old Frat Lap. What is a Frat  Lap you ask? It’s a loop along the edge of UF’s main campus that I frequently jog. I like it because its entirely on paved side walks that run along main roads. This makes it safe because there are always people around and because you are on pedestrian walkways. My running friends and I dubbed it the “Frat Lap” because half way through you run down Fraternity Row. It rolls of the tongue doesn’t it? When you start at my house and complete the full lap it’s about 2.5 miles. Just enough to break a good sweat and complete 30 minutes of cardio. Here is a map of the Frat Lap (it shows less mileage because I began my map at the major intersection rather than my address).

My minimum daily exercise is running a Frat Lap

This morning around 10:30am it took me 31 minutes to complete the frat lap. Not very fast but it’s still Africa hot here in Gainesville. I am so looking forward to some cooler fall and winter weather. The briskness in the air just makes you want to get outside and run. That’s when I can handle those 9 mile doozies.

I made this map with a free program online called Map My Run. You can create your own profile, fill in your goals, and track your mileage all for free on this awesome site! Definitely check it out if you are trying to keep track of your progress.

Tomorrow I am planning on doing a frat lap and Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred Level 2 work out video before class. Then off to Tampa for a Rays game! Check in with you guys this weekend!

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