Welcome to See Shannon Run!

Hello All! 


This is Shannon speaking! (on the left). Above is a picture of my best running pal/sorority sister Laura Jane and I after the Gasparilla 15K last March. It was one of my proudest moments and a good representation of what this blog will be about.

Thanks for viewing what will be the first of many entries into this diary/bulletin board/work in progress! I have created this blog for a couple of reasons. I will use this first entry as an introduction to myself, my life, and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. 

Who am I?
Shannon McCarthy, age 21. I am a Tampa native but have been in Gainesville for the past 3 years studying Telecommunications and business at the University of Florida. I was a dancer in High School and never had to worry about staying fit because I burned all the calories I needed to in practice. When I got to college, I realized quickly I needed a new way to stay in shape. I started running basically because I was intimidated by the gym since I had never used one before. Last year, I decided I wanted to start challenging myself to long distance races.

Why did I decide to make a blog?
Let’s be real. The endorphin high after a long run or gym session is always worth it, but its easy to fall into a rut… As I did this past summer. Losing focus for a few weeks can really throw off your fitness goals and make it tough to get back into the game. By sharing my experiences and goals with other runners, I become accountable for how I treat my body and what I can accomplish. And by becoming an active member of the blogging community, I can greatly benefit from the stories of others. 

What will I be blogging about?
Primarily my diet and exercise journal (which consists mostly of running). I do not follow any strict or new age diets. Maybe one day, but right now I am a poor college student! I do the best that I can with the food my sorority feeds us and what I can afford on a tight, TIGHT budget. I get pretty creative with the salad bar and sometimes experiment with healthy recipes. I love food, and am all about a balanced diet with wiggle room. Bloggers are people who enjoy learning and dialogue. Hopefully other people interested in maintaing a healthy lifestyle will view my blog and we can share each other’s ideas, experiences, goals, and thoughts!

My current goals?
Since running the 15k in March, I have not run more than four miles continuously. My goal is to run a half marathon by early next year, hopefully in under 10 minute miles. I am also trying to become more aware of the food I consume and watch portions. I try to run 15 miles per week. However that will most likely increase as I get closer to race date. 

Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to writing about my workout routine tomorrow! 


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